Glory-Cloud Podcast: 010 – Treaty of the Great King

In this episode, Lee and Chris discuss Meredith Kline’s first book, Treaty of the Great King (1963).  Here, Kline deals with the ways in which the covenants which God made with Israel were like other ancient near eastern treaties.  Not only is the subject matter important and interesting in its own right, but it is

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 007 – Q&A Part 2

In this episode, Lee and Chris pick up where they left off in episode 6, by answering three more listener questions.  The theme continues to be covenant theology in general and the Mosaic covenant in particular.   Show Notes: Merit and Moses: A Critique of the Klinean Doctrine of Republication Response to Merit and Moses:

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 006 – Q&A Part 1

In this episode, Lee and Chris take questions from listeners as they had come in via e-mail, Facebook, and the comments on the show notes page.  Most of the questions have to do with covenant theology in general, and the Mosaic covenant in particular. Show Notes: God, Heaven, and Har Magedon page 128 Exodus 32

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 005 – Where the Mosaic Covenant Fits In Covenant History

  In this episode, Chris Caughey and Charles Lee Irons discuss the history of many of the covenants that God has made, starting at creation and running through the new covenant.  This, then, gives them a context into which to place the Mosaic covenant. Show Notes: Kingdom Prologue page 321 Genesis 3:15 Galatians 3:19 Galatians

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 004 – A Response to the Republication Report

  Show Notes:   The works principle Leviticus 18:5 – Do this and live The grace principle/The faith principle The Sinai covenant is a national covenant that is distinct from the covenant of grace Genesis 3:15 Kingdom Prologue pages 320 – 323 (especially page 321) The Law = the Mosaic covenant of works with its

Glory-Cloud Podcast: Episode 3

  Show notes: Exodus 20, 21, 22, 23 Deuteronomy Definition of covenant Genesis 15 Leviticus 26 Deuteronomy 27 and 28 Galatians 3 and 4 Romans 5:13-14 Gospel Until the Law Gospel Until the Law Audio Genesis 13:10 [Genesis 13:8 was accidentally cited, but the correct verse is 13:10.] Galatians 3:18 Leviticus 18:5 Habakkuk 2:4 Genesis

Glory Cloud Podcast: Episode 2

Show Notes: Kingdom Prologue pages 96 – 101 Kingdom Prologue pages 157 – 158 Images of the Spirit page 20 Glory in Our Midst Zechariah 4:2ff Treaty of the Great King page 23 By Oath Consigned Westminster Theological Journal “Law Covenant” 1964 Law Covenant Audio Galatians 3:18 God, Heaven, and Har Magedon Kingdom Prologue 138

Glory-Cloud Podcast: Episode 1

Our inaugural podcast features Chris Caughey and Charles Lee Irons discussing the importance of Dr. Meredith G. Kline.