Glory-Cloud Podcast: 019 – Meredith Kline on Incarnation and Endoxation

This week, Chris and Lee are taking a week off.  But we still want to bring you high quality biblical-theological content.  So we’ve selected this lecture by Meredith G. Kline from his Pentateuch class at Westminster Seminary California because it was one of the few lectures we could think of where he specifically mentioned the

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 018 – An Interview With Pastor Jordan Cooper

In this episode, Chris Caughey talks with Lutheran pastor Jordan Cooper about the influence Meredith Kline’s books had on him while he was still Reformed – and how they continue to influence him today.  Part of what makes this conversation so interesting is the “language barrier” that exists in the way that different theological traditions

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 016 – By Oath Consigned Part 4: The Baptism of John the Baptist

In episode 16, Lee and Chris discuss chapter 4 of By Oath Consigned.  They walk through the various biblical evidence that Kline marshalled for seeing both blessing and curse sanctions in the baptism of John the Baptist. Show notes: By Oath Consigned Matthew 3:11-12 Jeremiah 7 Malachi 1:6 Matthew 21:33ff. Matthew 21:28-32 Malachi 4:23 Isaiah

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 015 – By Oath Consigned: Circumcision

          In episode 15, Lee and Chris discuss chapter 3 of By Oath Consigned in which Meredith Kline looks at the biblical theological significance of circumcision.  He argues that it is a sign of judgment – but that can be either redemptive judgment or penal judgment.  Listen to find out more

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 014 – By Oath Consigned Part 2: Law Covenant

In episode 14, Lee and Chris discuss chapter 2 of Meredith Kline’s book, By Oath Consigned.  In Chapter 2, Kline is still laying the theological foundation for his analysis of the sacraments of circumcision and baptism.  This chapter is called “Law Covenant,” and it gives the reader some significant insight into some theological themes that

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 012 – By Oath Consigned Part I

  In episode 12, Lee and Chris begin a series of episodes that will explore Meredith Kline’s second book By Oath Consigned: A Reinterpretation of the Covenant Signs of Circumcision and Baptism.  In this first episode in the series, they cover Chapter 1: Oath and Covenant.  Let us know what you think! Show Notes: By

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 011 – The Covenant of Common Grace

In this episode, Chris and Lee trace the revelation of the covenant of common grace from Genesis to the New Testament.  Family, state and culture are covered as institutions belonging to this period of the delay of final judgment.  Listen to find out why this particular covenant is so important to you, how you understand