Glory-Cloud Podcast: 029 – Kline & the Efficacy of Baptism

So we covered Kline’s case for baptism in his book By Oath Consigned.  But what does baptism actually do?  And what did Kline believe about that?  That’s what’s on tap this week.  Tune in and find out!   Show Notes:   Give us a 5-star rating on iTunes! (Click “View in iTunes” and “Ratings and

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 028 – Theocracy and… Immigration?

This is a bit of a lesson in hermeneutics (or, how to read the Bible).  We wanted to make it practical, so we chose a topic (immigration) that is filling the headlines and provoking comment from Christians and church bodies across the theological spectrum.  However, almost no one who is chiming in is considering carefully

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 027 – Q&A with Voicemail

We finally used two of our voicemail questions!  This adds a lot to the listening experience, and it is a great way for Lee and Chris to interact with the listening audience.  You’ll enjoy this one!  Send us your own voicemail!   Show Notes:   Give us a 5-start rating on iTunes! (Click “View in

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 026 – Apologetics and the Canaanite Conquest

Have you ever heard someone describe Israel’s conquest of the Canaanites as genocide or some other form of completely unjust war?  Meredith Kline understood what Israel did in a very unique way.  Lee and Chris think that Kline’s understanding of the Canaanite Conquest has helpful implications for defending the Christian faith against attacks regarding this

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 025 – Q&A: Pelagianism, Culture, Imputation, Righteousness

It has been a while since Lee and Chris have answered listener questions.  Some good questions have come up on the Meredith Kline Facebook page – so we decided to answer some of them.  If we didn’t answer them satisfactorily, please follow up with more questions or clarifying questions.  Also, please contribute to help provide

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 024 – Kline’s Definition of Grace

In response to question on the Meredith Kline Facebook page, as well as criticisms in the book Merit and Moses, Lee and Chris discuss Meredith Kline’s biblical-theological understanding of grace and its relationship to merit.  If you appreciate this, please take a moment to give us a five-star rating on iTunes.   Show Notes:  

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 023 – Interview about The Tale of Two Adams

This week, Lee and Chris discuss Chris’s book The Tale of Two Adams. Show Notes: Leviticus 26 Deuteronomy 28 Galatians 3 The Tale of Two Adams on Amazon The Tale of Two Adams on createspace.com Free PDF of The Tale of Two Adams The Tale of Two Adams Facebook page Chris Caughey’s YouTube channel  

Glory-Cloud Podcast: 021 – By Oath Consigned Part 5: Christian Baptism

Lee and Chris are back at the mics!  This week, we discuss chapter 5 of By Oath Consigned.  The topic is Christian baptism, and we see how helpful, insightful, and encouraging Meredith Kline continues to be.  We hope that this episode gives you a new perspective on your baptism! Show Notes: John 3:22ff. 1 Peter